A warm June and after a great day of wandering around Stratford and Bethnal Green I made my way to the London Olympic Stadium for the mighty AD/DC.

I’d arrived just in time to see the support, sorry can’t remember their names or songs, and was getting texts from Glenn to say he and Jude were on their way.

AC/DC started at bang on 8:15pm and by song two there was still no sight of Glenn. Then I got a phone call from him which I couldn’t hear because AC/DC were very loud. A few songs later and after Jude and me had exchanged texts we managed to meet up.

This was my first time seeing AC/DC and they were magnificent. Angus Young is a genious guitarist and Axl Rose (standing in for the medically warned Brian Johnson) did a heroic job of belting out their anthemic songs.The evening flew by (a really good sign) with the 2 1/4 hour set seeming like less than an hour and soon the final song “For those about to Rock” was over.

These aging rockers know how to put on a show and the Olympic Stadium was a great venue; apparently this was the first gig there.

All shots taken with Fuji X100s which did remarkably well considering at some points it was pitch black in the crowd.

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