Delighted to receive a coffee machine as a present recently. It takes espresso coffee and pods (haven’t tried these yet) and can make everything from sensible black coffee to delicious cappuccino. Bought some cheap espresso coffee at the supermarket which was a bad idea as it tasted foul so went back and bought some Lavazza which was delicious. Great fun and messy (that is fun also) to froth up the milk with the steamer although I will need more practice in order to perfect the beast creamy topping without too many bubbles. Just realised I will need to pop back to the shop to get some chocolate to sprinkle on the top.

Decided it would be a good opportunity to practice some food and product style shots. All shots taken with X100s using the EF- 20 TTL speed light bounced to get some light into the dark of the kitchen and onto the subject..